6D Premade Fans D 0.07

  • 8 mm
  • €15.90
  • 9 mm
  • €15.90
  • 10 mm
  • €15.90
  • 11 mm
  • €15.90
  • 12 mm
  • €15.90
  • 13 mm
  • €15.90
  • 14 mm
  • €15.90
  • 15 mm
  • €15.90
  • MIX 7-14mm
  • €15.90

Dramatic curl with bold volume

For dark, fluffy volume, professionals reach for Starry’s 0.07mm thickness lashes. Lashes created from these premade fans are bold yet natural. Our D-curl is a bestseller, and popular with lash artists creating high-impact looks. Use it for Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye effects. It’s excellent for clients with curly natural lashes or deep-set eyes.

Create a fluffy effect with extra intensity

We designed these 6D premade fans especially for fluffy looks with added darkness. The fans are made from six individual lashes attached with micro amounts of glue to maintain the professional shape. One lash tray contains 320 beautiful premade fans – enough for at least two new sets of volume lashes.

Made by top professionals

Each premade fan is hand-crafted by industry experts. You’ll find the lash fans hold nicely together, and the gentle stickiness of the tape makes it easy to pick up from the strip. Plus, there’s minimal waste.

Save time

Premade fans are a fast, convenient way to apply volume lash extensions to your client's lashes. Only have experience in 1:1 classical lash extensions so far? These will extend your repertoire.


Lift the fan carefully from the adhesive tape with tweezers, starting from the lower end. Dip it into a drop of glue and place on your client's own lashes. One 6D volume fan is enough for one natural lash.

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