CLASSIC CC 0,03 lashes (2022 version)

  • 13 mm
  • €3.00
  • €10.90

The thinnest lashes and trendy curl

0.03mm is the thinnest material for eyelash extensions. 0.03 lashes are used for creating 3D-13D volume lashes. The lashes themselves feel almost weightless and are often used to create megavolume lashes with up to 13D fans. For a delicate effect, use fewer lash extensions in a volume fan (3D-5D).

Our CC-curl will give your clients a fashion-forward look. Compared to the C-curl, it has a little extra curve. Suitable for clients with different types of natural lashes. Build a wide range of styles, including Natural, Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye.

Read more about why CLASSIC-series lash extensions are so popular among lash artists.

NEW 2023 version! We changed the lash material and adhesive strip on 0.03mm lashes. The lashes have now the same curvature as the rest of the Classic series and retains its shape better over time. The glue strip is now 2mm wide, which makes it easier to make volume lash fans.

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