Glue control liquids


Revolution in the lash industry! These 3 magic liquids change the lash world more than anything else in the last 5 years has.

Apply a thin layer to clean and dry natural lashes just like using regular primer.    
✓ makes lash glue dry faster on natural lashes  
✓ reduces glue fumes  
✓ essential in low humidity conditions

Apply a thin layer on the lash strip, 1 mm from the bottom part of lashes, and start apllying lashes.
✓ stops glue from climbing up the lash
✓ keeps volume fans perfectly open

Use right after lash extension procedure. Apply a thin layer on glue bonding points and the glue is cured in 3 minutes.
✓ cures lash glue instantly
✓ minimizes allergic reaction from glue fumes
✓ maximizes lash retention up to 30%

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