Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lift is a fantastic beauty procedure that provides long-lasting results without the need for extensions. With the right products and aftercare, you can enjoy beautifully lifted lashes that open up your eyes and make them appear more vibrant. When it comes to eyelash-lifting products, you can trust Starry to provide your clients with top-quality options that guarantee safety and stunning results. Say goodbye to traditional eyelash curlers and hello to the beauty of lifted lashes with Starry's eyelash-lifting products.

What is an eyelash lift?

Eyelash lift, also known as lash lift, is a popular beauty procedure that amplifies the natural beauty of your eyelashes. It is designed to give your lashes a long-lasting curl and lift, making them appear longer and more voluminous without the need for eyelash extensions. This procedure is perfect for individuals who desire a low-maintenance, yet stunning lash enhancement.

Eyelash liftingEyelash lifting

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Lash lifting products

The key to achieving a successful lash lift lies in using the right lash lift supplies. Lash lifting products are specially formulated to provide the best results while ensuring the safety of your eyes and lashes. These products include lifting solutions, silicone shields or pads, adhesives, and nourishing solutions. Each component plays a crucial role in the lifting process, ensuring that your lashes are beautifully curled and conditioned.

Products for an eyelash lifting procedure

The eyelash lifting procedure requires specific products to achieve the desired outcome. Here's a brief overview of these essential products:

  • Lifting solutions
    These solutions are used to break down the bonds in the hair, allowing them to be reshaped into a lifted position. Lifting solutions are available in different strengths to cater to various lash types.
  • Silicone pads
    Silicone shields or pads are placed on the eyelids to create a gentle curve in the lashes. They come in different sizes to accommodate different lash lengths.
  • Adhesive
    A specialized adhesive is used to attach the lashes to the silicone shields or pads during the lifting process. This adhesive, Lami Glue Balm, is designed to be gentle on the lashes and skin.
  • Nourishing solutions
    After the lifting process, nourishing solutions are applied to condition and hydrate the lashes, leaving them soft, glossy, and healthy-looking.
Lash lift before and afterLash lift before and after
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Lash lift aftercare products

Proper aftercare is essential to maintain the results of your lash lift. Aftercare products are designed to keep your lashes in optimal condition and prolong the effects of the procedure. These products typically include lash serums, conditioners, and cleansers. Using the right aftercare products guarantees that your lifted lashes stay healthy and vibrant.

Eyelash lifting kits

We don't recommend doing a lash lift at home. Firstly, you can't do it yourself. Secondly, it is highly recommended to get appropriate training before performing a lift procedure on anyone. With that said, we have the best at-home lash lift kit as a convenient option for the procedure. These kits contain all the necessary products and tools for a successful lash lift. 

Maxymova and Lami Lashes lash lift products

MAXYMOVA®️ is a professional brand for eyelash and eyebrow lamination products. Developed in collaboration with the best lamimakers in Italy. All the products have a shiny texture and no unpleasant smells. Made in Italy.
Lami Lashes is the creator of the innovative LAMI GLUE BALM  “Glue without glue”. This product is the new must-have for all lami-makers. It wraps the eyelashes on shields and nourishes them throughout the procedure. EU Patented & Certified Products.

Buy eyelash-lifting products from Starry

When it comes to purchasing high-quality eyelash lifting products, such as Maximova lash lift supplies or Lami lashes glue balm, Starry Lashes has you covered. We offer a wide range of products, including lifting solutions, silicone shields, adhesives, nourishing solutions, and complete eyelash lifting kits. Our products are carefully selected to ensure safety, effectiveness, and long-lasting results. In addition to individual products, we also offer professional lash lift kits for those looking to provide this service to clients. Our kits include everything you need to perform eyelash lifts professionally, from start to finish.

Whether you're a professional lash artist or someone interested in trying eyelash lifting at home, Starry's eyelash lifting products are designed to meet your needs. With our high-quality products, you can achieve beautifully lifted lashes that amplify your overall look.

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