Lash glue

Lash glue

How to choose the best eyelash glue?

The characteristics of the best lash glue are different for each lash artist. The eyelash glue that suits you best depends primarily on your work experience and lashing speed. The temperature and humidity of the workplace are also very important.

When choosing a glue, it is important in which technique the eyelash extensions are applied. Application of the classic 1:1 eyelash extensions requires a slightly slower glue, volume technique and pre-made fans a faster glue.

All our eyelash adhesives are designed for use under normal working conditions. Air humidity should be between 30-60% and temperature 18-25°C. The higher the humidity and temperature, the faster the eyelash glue dries. If the humidity in the room is different, then this must be taken into account. For example, during the heating period, the humidity may be lower and thus the glue dries more slowly.

When choosing a glue, it is also worth paying attention to the viscosity of the glue (whether it has a thicker or thinner composition) and the strength of the glue fumes.

Choose the best eyelash extension adhesiveChoose the best eyelash extension adhesive
How to choose the best eyelash extension adhesive

The best eyelash glue for beginners

We recommend MAGIC eyelash extension glue for beginners and slightly slower eyelash artists. This glue dries in 1-2 seconds and there is enough time for adjustments when applying eyelash extensions. MAGIC lash glue is a popular choice in lash trainers' starter kits. It's suitable for both classic 1:1 lashes and volume lashes.

The best eyelash glue for a fast lash artist

For years, our most popular glue has been JET BLACK glue. It dries in about 1 second and is suitable for many advanced lash artists. The short drying time and fairly thin composition make this glue especially suitable for applying volume eyelashes and pre-made fans. Faster lash artists can also successfully make classic 1:1 lashes with this glue.

Experienced lash artists also appreciate ELASTIC eyelash extension glue. This glue is particularly pleasant to work with and the retention of eyelash extensions is particularly good! ELASTIC glue has a slightly thinner composition, it sticks to the client's eyelashes in an instant and the final result is very clean.

NO CHILL glue is meant for only the fastest lash artists. It dries incredibly fast, in just 0.5 seconds. Choose this glue if you have done at least 1000+ lash extension procedures and you know that you are fast, even compared to very experienced lash artists.

The best eyelash glue for classic lashes

We recommend MAGIC eyelash extension glue for classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. With this glue, there is enough time to create a sufficient contact surface on the natural eyelash.

For faster lash artists, JET BLACK or ELASTIC glue are also suitable for making classic 1:1 eyelashes.

The best eyelash glue for volume eyelashes

JET BLACK and ELASTIC Glue are best for volume eyelashes. Both of these glues dry in about 1 second and are perfect for volume fan application. The volume lash fan dipped in the glue engages instantly with the client's eyelash and prevents the fan from falling apart. The fans do not stick to each other, providing a beautiful and clean end result.

If you are a very experienced lash artist and have a quicker hand than others, you might enjoy working with NO CHILL lash glue.

The best glue for pre-made fans

Faster adhesives are suitable for applying pre-made fans. The fan dipped in the glue should dry in a moment when placed on a client's natural lash.

JET BLACK and ELASTIC Glue are perfect for starting with pre-made fans. If you've already gained enough skill and want even faster glue, try NO CHILL glue.

The best glue is different for each artist

The lash glue that works best for you depends on your lashing speed. The sweet spot is between working efficiently while allowing enough time to place the extensions correctly.

Workplace humidity & temperature are the second biggest factors to consider when choosing the right glue. Please be mindful that as humidity and/or temperature rise, you’ll have less time to place extensions with enough contact area.

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