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Professional eyelash extension supplies

New products
  1. Dark brown 4D Fans C 0.07 MIX 6-13mm 0 Starry lashes
  2. €12.90
  3. Dark brown 4D Fans CC 0.07 MIX 6-13mm
  4. €12.90
  5. Dark brown 4D Fans D 0.07 MIX 7-14mm
  6. €12.90
  7. Dark brown 4D Fans L 0.07 MIX 6-13mm
  8. €15.90
  9. Dark brown 4D Fans M 0.07 MIX 6-13mm
  10. €15.90
  11. 4D Premade Fans D 0.07 0 Starry lashes
  12. €15.90
  13. 6D Premade Fans D 0.07 0 Starry lashes
  14. €16.90
  15. 6D Premade Fans D 0.07 0 Starry lashes
  16. €16.90
  17. Dark brown lashes CC 0.15 MIX 6-13mm
  18. Special Price €9.50 Regular Price €11.90
  19. Dark brown lashes D 0.15 MIX 7-14mm
  20. Special Price €9.50 Regular Price €11.90
  21. Dark brown lashes D 0.12 MIX 7-14mm
  22. Special Price €9.50 Regular Price €11.90
  23. Dark brown lashes D 0.06 MIX 7-14mm
  24. Special Price €8.90 Regular Price €9.90

TOP 10
  1. Lash Shampoo 0 Starry lashes
  2. €13.90
  3. Eyelash Extension Glue JET BLACK 0 Starry lashes
  4. Special Price €19.50 Regular Price €21.50
  5. NICHIBAN Skinergate Tape 12mm 1 Starry lashes
  6. Special Price €2.30 Regular Price €2.90
  7. CLASSIC CC 0.07 lashes 0 Starry lashes
  8. Starting price
    As low as €9.90
  9. 3M Micropore paper tape 12 mm
  10. Special Price €1.00 Regular Price €1.50
  11. 4D Premade Fans CC 0.07 0 Starry lashes
  12. Starting price
    As low as €12.90
  13. Microbrushes, 100 pcs 0 Starry lashes
  14. €4.90
  15. Premium gel patches 1 pair 0 Starry lashes
  16. €0.70
  17. Eyelash cleansing brush, silver
  18. €2.50

Wholesale and bulk offers
  1. Lash Shampoo 10 pcs 0 Starry lashes
  2. Special Price €89.00 Regular Price €139.00
  3. Eyelash cleansing brush, silver 10 pcs
  4. Special Price €18.00 Regular Price €25.00
  5. Eyelash cleansing brush, white crystal 10pcs
  6. Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €29.00
  7. Eyelash cleansing brush, violet crystal 10pcs
  8. Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €29.00
  9. Mini Gel Patches 160 pcs (320 pairs)
  10. Special Price €119.00 Regular Price €144.00
  11. Premium gel patches 100 pairs
  12. Special Price €63.00 Regular Price €70.00
  13. C 0.07 COMBO
  14. Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €198.00
  15. CC 0.07 COMBO
  16. Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €198.00
  17. D 0.07 COMBO
  18. Special Price €180.00 Regular Price €198.00
  19. CC 0.06 COMBO
  20. Special Price €196.00 Regular Price €218.00


Explore Our Eyelash Extension Product Range

We are dedicated to providing lash artists with a comprehensive range of products and tools that cater to every aspect of their craft. Whether you're seeking premium lash extensions, professional accessories, or specialized training - our diverse product categories ensure that you have everything you need to excel in the world of lash artistry.

Eyelash Extensions

We offer a wide selection of professionally crafted eyelash extensions, each tailored to meet the diverse spectrum of preferences in lengths, curls, and thicknesses. We have over 600 eyelash extension boxes available at all times.

  • CLASSIC Series Lashes: This lash extension supply is designed to cater to various preferences, offering an extensive selection of lengths and curls. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic look, our CLASSIC Series lashes provide the versatility to create stunning lash designs that suit every client's unique style and expectation. This series is the most popular among our customers. A very wide selection of different thicknesses and curvatures, high quality, and excellent pricing. Thanks to this, it has definitely been the most used eyelash extension material in the region for over 10 years.
  • PREMIUM Series Lashes: Careful attention to detail - these eyelash extension supplies exemplify superior quality and sophistication. Treat your clients with lashes that not only look luxurious but also deliver exceptional comfort and longevity.
  • Premade Fans: Experience the convenience of our expertly crafted Premade Fans that bring a touch of elegance and efficiency to your lash applications. These lash fans are handcrafted to ensure consistent volume and a seamless appearance. Perfect for volume lash looks, our Premade Fans save you time while delivering stunning results that meet the highest industry standards.
  • Brown Lashes: These eyelash extension supplies offer a softer and more subtle effect while enhancing the eyes with a warm, inviting tone. Ideal for clients seeking a more understated appearance, these lashes complement various eye colors and skin tones, allowing for versatile lash designs.
  • Colored Lashes: Unleash your creativity with our captivating Colored Lashes that open the door to limitless lash designs. From vibrant blues to rich purples, our range of colored extensions allows you to craft unique and expressive looks for clients seeking a dash of personality. Experiment with different shades to create eye-catching lash artistry that truly stands out.

Lash Glue

Ensure impeccable lash application with our premium lash glues. Our adhesives are designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting bond, ensuring that lash extensions remain securely in place. With a range of drying times and strengths available, you can confidently select the adhesive that best suits your technique and clients' needs.

Tools and Accessories

Improve your lash applications with our selection of professional lash extension supplies and accessories. From precision-engineered tweezers to innovative lash palettes.

  • Pre-treatment: These specially formulated solutions prepare clients' natural lashes, creating an optimal ground for seamless and flawless lash extension attachment. By ensuring the lashes are clean and free of oils, you set the stage for longer-lasting and more impressive lash looks.
  • Removers: Designed to dissolve adhesive without compromising the health of natural lashes, our removers offer a gentle yet effective solution. Trust in our products to ensure a smooth and hassle-free removal process for both you and your clients.
  • Microbrushes: These delicate tools are ideal for tasks that require intricate detailing, such as applying primers, and cleansers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, these microbrushes provide the accuracy you need for top-level lash work.
  • Gel Patches and Tape: These eyelash technician supplies protect the under-eye area during lash extension procedures, ensuring your clients' comfort while safeguarding their delicate skin. This way you can keep the upper and lower eyelashes from being glued together. Providing both functionality and convenience, our gel patches and tape are essential tools for a seamless application experience.
  • Lash Tweezers: Whether you're placing individual lashes, handling premade fans, or crafting volume fans by yourself, this eyelash extension supply offers a comfortable grip and exceptional accuracy. Choose from a variety of styles to find the perfect tweezers for your preferred techniques.
  • Glue Plates: These plates provide a designated space for adhesive droplets, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring that you always have access to the right amount of glue. Reusable and practical lash technician supplies, our glue plates contribute to a seamless lash application experience.

Lash Kits

These lash extension tools and supplies are designed to provide you with a pro lash supply to kickstart your lash career. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, our starter kits offer a comprehensive array of products that ensure a seamless and successful lash extension experience.

Aftercare Products

Extend the life of your clients' lash extensions with our specialized lash aftercare products. Educate your clients about proper maintenance and provide them with the professional lash supplies they need to keep their lashes looking flawless between appointments. Our aftercare products contribute to client satisfaction and retention, showcasing your commitment to their lash health.

Mascara Brushes: These brushes are perfect for grooming and separating lashes, keeping them tangle-free and picture-perfect. Enhance your clients' post-application routine with a pro eyelash supply that supports the longevity and aesthetics of their lash extensions.

Other Tools

  • Lighting and Decor: Proper lighting is essential for precision in lash work, as well as one of the very important lash business supplies, and our range of lighting solutions ensures optimal visibility of your workspace. Improve your clients' experience by transforming your studio into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Lash and Brow Tint: These tinting solutions provide a versatile way to enhance your clients' overall look while complementing their lash extensions. Elevate your lash services by offering tinting options that complete their desired aesthetic.
  • Eyelash Lift: This treatment magnifies the eyes by creating the illusion of longer and more voluminous lashes without the need for extensions. Expand your services with lash beauty supplies by offering clients a lash lift option that accentuates their natural beauty.
  • Semilac Gel Nail Polish: Explore our collection of Semilac Gel Nail Polish products, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and style to your clients' hands.
  • Glass Crystals: These decorative elements offer a unique way to create eye-catching lash looks that truly stand out. Add a touch of glamor to your eyelash business supplies with our beautiful glass crystals.

Complete your salon setup with eyelash extension suppliers that reflect your dedication to exceptional results. With us as your partner, your salon becomes a place where every detail contributes to client satisfaction and your professional triumph. Explore our selection today!

Professional Lash Tech Supplies for Everyone

Our commitment to excellence ensures that whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the lash industry, you'll find the finest eyelash tech supplies and products that take your lash artistry to a new level. With a focus on quality, safety, and innovation - our selection of eyelash extension supplies guarantees that your lash applications will be as flawless as they are stunning.

With our carefully selected products, you will discover lash extension kits, adhesives, tools, and more. Each product is thoughtfully chosen to support your work, reflecting our dedication as lash suppliers to helping you achieve remarkable results.

At Starry Lashes, we believe that everyone deserves access to professional-grade supplies that amplify their skills and creativity. Experience the difference that top-notch lash extension supplies can make in your career.

Starry - Leading Eyelash Extension Supplier in Northern Europe

Discover the pinnacle of excellence in the world of eyelash extensions with Starry Lashes - the leading lash extension supply vendor in Northern Europe. With a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have earned our reputation as a trustworthy and leading provider of top-tier eyelash products. We take pride in offering an extensive range of meticulously crafted lashes, adhesives, tools, and accessories that cater to the diverse needs of lash technicians and enthusiasts.

We also understand the significance of reliable and prompt service. That's why we ensure that all lash orders are swiftly shipped within 24 hours, guaranteeing that you receive your supplies in a timely manner. Moreover, we offer the convenience of free worldwide shipping on orders exceeding 150€, making your lash shopping experience not only convenient but also budget-friendly.

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond just products; it extends to providing you with a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. With a comprehensive online platform, you can easily explore our offerings, select your desired products, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Join us and experience the difference that Starry Lashes brings to the world of eyelash extensions. Your vision, our commitment - together, we can create stunning lash transformations.

Complete your Salon with Useful Lash Tools and Accessories

Precision and excellence define the world of lash extensions, and our comprehensive range of professional eyelash supplies and accessories are designed to benefit every aspect of your craft and salon. Created with care, our selection of products ensures unmatched quality and performance for elevated lash services:

  • Efficiency Redefined: Our accessories are tailored for efficiency, enabling you to optimize time and appointments without compromising quality. Explore lash pads, brushes, and other tools that transform your workspace into an organized and efficient hub of creativity.
  • Unwavering Quality: Quality defines success. Starry Lashes is a lash supply vendor with a commitment to excellence, ensuring each of the lash artist supplies withstands professional work while maintaining precision over time.
  • Cultivate Client Satisfaction: Elevate client satisfaction by integrating top-tier lash supply into your lash services. These tools add to the aesthetics and create comfortable experiences.
  • Safe products - All our cosmetic products have safety assessments by a qualified specialist. The products have been assessed as safe to use and in accordance with the Cosmetic Products Regulation of the European Parliament. Also registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal CPNP.
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