Lash Tweezers

Lash Tweezers


Eyelash extension tweezers

Lash tweezers are specially made to apply eyelash extensions. The tweezers are strong, durable and provide a precise and accurate grip.


Straight, curved or volume tweezers

There are 3 types of lash tweezers for different steps in eyelash extension application process. Straight tip tweezers are best for isolating clients natural lashes before applying the extensions. Use curved tweezers to gently pick up the extension from lash line and place the extension lash onto the natural lash. Volume lash tweezers are for creating volume fans and applying the fans to clients lashes.


Good looking finish

All our lash tweezers are made from high grade steel or stainless steel. The Silver series sanded steel finish and Light Gold plasma coating make them easy to clean, durable and hypoallergenic.

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