Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume lash extensions with our Classic and Premium series

Volume eyelash extensions have become a trendsetting choice for those desiring a lush, full, and dramatic lash appearance. This modern technique involves attaching multiple lightweight extensions to a single natural lash, creating a textured effect. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, the popularity of volume eyelash extensions continues to rise. Loved by those who seek a contemporary and bold look, volume eyelash extensions offer a versatile solution for those navigating the ever-changing landscape of beauty trends.

Our PREMIUM and CLASSIC series volume lashes are carefully crafted from the finest synthetic material. Classic series lashes differ from Premium series lashes with innovative semi-gloss material and natural-looking tone. The tape under Classic lashes has slightly lighter adhesion, which suits better for the vast majority of lash artists. While the Premium series has a touch more shine and a stronger tape under the lashes.

What are volume lash extensions?

Volume extension lashes represent a breakthrough in the art of eyelash extensions. Unlike their classic counterparts, where one extension is attached to a single natural lash, volume eyelash extensions employ a technique that allows for the application of multiple extensions to a single natural lash. This unique approach results in a fan-like effect, adding considerable volume and density to the lashes. Lash artists can use one at a time handcrafted fans or pre-made eyelash extensions fans.

Volume eyelash extension sizes

The versatility of volume set lash extensions is big thanks to the diverse range of available volume lash extension sizes. The spectrum typically spans from 2D to mega volume set, wherein the volume is defined by the number of extensions applied to each natural lash. For instance, 2D signifies two extensions applied to one natural lash, while mega-volume set lashes involve the creation of dense fans with a high number of extensions.

The expansive selection of volume eyelash extension sizes caters to various preferences and styles. Ranging from 3D to 10D and 5-15mm length volume lash extensions, each size offers a unique aesthetic, allowing for the customization of looks based on individual preferences.

Which lash thickness and curl to choose?

  • 0.03mm is the thinnest material for eyelash extensions. 0.03 lashes are used for creating 3D-13D volume lashes. The lashes themselves feel almost weightless and are often used to create megavolume lashes with up to 13D fans. For a delicate effect, use fewer lash extensions in a volume fan (3D-5D).
  • Designing 3D-10D volume lash looks? Our 0.05mm is ultra-thin and easy to wear. The individual lashes feel light, making it easy to build intense volume with large fans (up to 10D). For a more delicate effect, use fewer extensions in a volume fan (3D-5D).
  • Looking for a popular, tried-and-tested option? Our 0.06mm is widely used by professionals for an elegant and natural effect with 2D-6D volume fans.
  • There’s a reason the 0.07mm is the most popular choice for volume lashes. You can create ultra-natural effects with smaller fans or amplify the drama with larger fans. Sometimes also used for ultra-light classical 1:1 lash extensions.
  • 0.085mm is used to create volume lashes with smaller fans (2D-4D). Smaller fans also create a more natural look. It’s also the optimum choice for understated 1:1 classic extensions.
  • The 0.10mm is your go-to for delicate 2D-3D volume lashes.

Different curls to choose from

  • B-curl has a low curl compared to other eyelash extension curls. It's more suitable for a client with straight eyelashes to create a natural look. B-curl is also used in the inner corners of the eyes, where natural eyelashes are more delicate and straighter.
  • C-curl is the most natural-looking curl. A good option for clients with straight-type lashes and for creating natural-looking lashes. C-curl can also be used in the inner corners where natural lashes are smaller.
  • Our CC-curl will give your clients a fashion-forward look. Compared to the C-curl, it has a little extra curve. Suitable for clients

L and M curl for a unique look 
The L-curl’s secret weapon is its sharp-angled curve. It opens up the eye and visibly lifts the lids. Use shorter lengths (up to 11...12mm) for a clean result.

Our M-curl is loved for its sharp angle and round tip. It widens the eyes and lifts the lids, making it the go-to product for Cat Eye, Squirrel Eye and Liner effects. Compared to the L-curl, the curl angle is smoother and it is most similar to the D-curl.
We recommend using narrower fans for M-curl. For a client with downward eyelash growth, M-curl should be avoided.

Eyelash extensions volume setEyelash extensions volume set

What is the retention of volume eyelash extensions?

The longevity of full-set volume eyelash extensions is often a decisive factor for clients. When properly applied and cared for, these extensions have good retention. From careful application to proper aftercare practices, the proficiency of the lash artist, and the synchronization with the natural lash growth cycle - all together contribute significantly to the average extension's retention period, which is 4-6 weeks.

Regular maintenance sessions, such as fillings, play a crucial role in sustaining the fullness of the lash set. This careful approach not only ensures that the lashes stay in place but also contributes to the overall health and vitality of the natural lashes.

How to apply volume lashes?

The application of volume lashes requires precision, patience, and a keen eye for detail from a certified lash artist. The lash artist carefully handcrafts fans using multiple extensions (or uses pre-made fans) and attaches the fan to one natural lash, ensuring a symmetrical and seamless application. This process demands an in-depth understanding of the client's unique eye shape, desired appearance, and the overall health of their natural lashes. To achieve an optimal result, the lash artist combines technical expertise with a personalized approach, creating a look that is both natural and captivating.

Volume lashes aftercare

Proper aftercare constitutes a critical aspect in the preservation of both the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the volume lash full set. Clients are advised to not use oil-based products, as these can compromise the adhesive bond, potentially leading to premature shedding of the extensions. Additionally, it is very important not to rub or pull on the lashes, wash with lash shampoo and brush them regularly.

Difference between classic, hybrid, and volume lashes

Distinguishing between classic, hybrid, and volume lashes is fundamental for clients seeking tailored aesthetics. Classic lashes offer a natural and refined look, hybrid lashes combine elements from both classic and volume techniques, and volume lashes, as discussed, introduce a voluminous and dramatic aspect through the application of multiple extensions fanned on one natural lash. These are the main differences between classic, hybrid, and volume lashes.

Volume lash styles and types

The diverse selection of styles and types ensures that everyone can tailor their eyelash aesthetics to align with their unique tastes and desires. Whether one seeks a subtle change for everyday elegance, a whimsical wispy allure, or a bold and dramatic statement - the versatility within volume lash styles has something for everyone. The variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls allows lash artists to craft personalized looks.

Wispy volume lashes

Are you looking for some fluffy volume lash extensions? Wispy volume lashes showcase expert artistry by blending high-volume lashes with light-volume eyelash extensions, with varied curls, achieving a subtle, captivating effect that highlights the eyes without overwhelming them. This technique exemplifies a balance between a subtle and a dramatic look, reflecting precision and expertise in the craft.

Thick russian volume lashes

For those desiring a bold and impactful appearance, thick Russian volume lashes stand as the best choice. This particular style, achieved through the strategic incorporation of longer and thicker extensions, directs attention to the eyes, creating a captivating point. Thick volume lashes are ideal for special occasions, appealing to individuals who appreciate a glamorous aesthetic.

Natural volume lashes

Offering a harmonious balance between volume and minimalism, natural volume lashes present a fuller appearance compared to classic lashes. This style highlights understated elegance, delivering a refined and polished look without the heightened intensity associated with thicker styles. With a focus on elegance, natural volume lashes offer a timeless aesthetic, this eyelash extension type puts the least amount of weight on natural eyelashes, which is why it is the most popular choice amongst clients.

Mega volume lash extensions

Mega volume lash extensions, recognized for their striking impact, entail a careful process of crafting mega volume fans, utilizing 8-13 very fine extensions in one fan that is applied onto a singular lash. Additionally, different types of curls, including D curls for a dramatic effect and C curls for a more natural look, provides further customization, ensuring that each set of mega-volume eyelash extensions is uniquely suited to the client's desired look.

Eyelash extension volumeEyelash extension volume

Create a perfect look with volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are valued for their adaptability, allowing for a tailored look that suits individual preferences. Whether the client prefers a daily dose of glamour, a playful and wispy allure, or a bold statement, the diverse range of volume lash extensions ensures that everyone can get their desired look. This customization includes options for length, thickness, and curl, offering lash artists ample room for creative expression as well.

Choose our volume eyelash extensions

When you start looking into volume eyelash extensions, the selection of a reputable supplier becomes one of the most important decisions to make. Get to know the world of volume eyelash extensions with Starry Lashes - your trusted supplier for all your lash solutions. Our volume lash extensions guarantee a seamless and enduring application, thanks to the highest quality materials.

With a diverse range of thicknesses, curls, and lengths available - our volume extensions provide the flexibility you need to achieve desired looks. From wispy and natural to bold and intense, our selection of best volume lashes offers versatile and captivating solutions. Choose Starry Lashes!

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