Eyelash extension kits

Eyelash extension kits

Lash extension kits for everyone

Lash extension kits are made for those who want to be professionals but also come in handy if you want to start out easy with only a few customers. Keep in mind, for safe lash application, it is important to get proper training before starting the practice.

Our eyelash extension kits include everything you need to create stunning lash looks with ease. From various lengths and curls to top-quality glues and tools, we've got you covered. Whether you prefer classic 1:1 lash applications or are ready to learn doing volume lashes - our kits provide versatility and options to suit your style.

Lash trainers and students

As a lash trainer, having everything you need in one place is a game-changer. Our lash extension kits are thoughtfully put together to include a wide range of lash lengths, curls, and thicknesses, along with top-quality glues and precision tools. With everything at your fingertips, you can focus on imparting your expertise and knowledge to your students without worrying about sourcing individual lash products from multiple suppliers.

The security of knowing that all the products in our lash extension kits meet the highest quality standards will give you peace of mind. This dedication to quality gives you and your students the confidence to explore different lash techniques and styles with peace of mind. Teaching the art of lash extensions requires precision and attention to detail. Our lash extension kits will ensure that every lash product you receive is consistent in performance, allowing for seamless application and stunning results.

Our cosmetic products are 100% safe to use (after training and following instructions). They all have safety reports by certified cosmetic product assessors and are confirmed as safe to use. Also, all the products are registered in European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal CPNP.


Whether you're an experienced lash artist or a seasoned mentor, our lash extension kits cater to all levels of expertise. With a focus on excellence and convenience, our professional lash extension kits are designed to elevate your lash artistry and streamline your lash services.

We understand that time is of the essence in your busy schedule, and that's why our lash extension kits are designed for efficiency. With everything readily available, you can focus on delivering exceptional lash services without the hassle of sourcing individual lash products from different suppliers.

As a lash professional, your reputation is built on the quality of your work. Our lash extension kits are your reliable partners in delivering consistently exceptional results that will keep your clients coming back for more.

How to choose the best eyelash extension kit for your needs?

Choosing the best eyelash extension kit to meet your unique needs is essential for a successful and satisfying lash extension experience. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect eyelash extension kits for you:

  1. Lash expertise
    Are you considering starting with a few clients and gradually purchasing the necessary products at your own pace, or are you planning to make a larger initial order to quickly jump into work and avoid the need for another purchase in the near future?
  2. Contents
    Examine the contents of the kit. A great eyelash extension kit should include a selection of high-quality lashes, adhesive (we recommend 1-2 sec drying lash glues), pair of tweezers, eye pads and/or tape, and other essential tools required for lash applications. Ensure that the kit meets your requirements and contains the necessary elements for your desired lash looks.
  3. Lash type (Thickness of the lashes)
    Determine the lash type you wish to work with. Usually, the training begins with classic 1:1 eyelash extensions and thicknesses 0,10 to 0,15mm are good for this. If you are planning to practice also volume or hybrid lashes, make sure there are also lashes thinner than 0,1mm included (usually 0,07mm). Read more about thickness HERE.
In most cases, training begins with the technique of classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. Rising Star has everything needed for this. If the training also involves volume lashes, then the Twin Star set is the best choice. With both kits, new artists will have all they need to apply lashes to their first clients.


Ambitious beginner? Our Superstar kit contains a huge range of products. Investing in this means that students can work for a long time without needing to buy more products.

In recent years, premade lashes have been gaining in popularity. Our Premade set is full of volume premade fan extensions, ready to apply to new clients.

Most popular - Rising Star Kit

Introducing our most popular Rising Star Kit, exclusively available at Starry Lashes! With a perfect blend of quality and versatility, this kit has earned its spot as a rising star in the lash extension industry. Packed with premium quality lashes, top-of-the-line adhesive, precision tweezers, and essential tools, the Rising Star Kit equips you with everything you need to create breathtaking lash looks. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this kit is designed to cater to all skill levels and preferences.

What should a beginner lash tech buy?

As a beginner, it's essential to invest in the right tools and materials to set a strong foundation for your lash artistry career. Here's a guide on what a beginner lash tech should consider buying:

  • Practice Lashes
    Purchase practice lashes to improve your skills and experiment with different lash styles. Practice lashes are a cost-effective way to refine your technique before working on real clients.
  • Tweezers
    Invest in precision tweezers specifically designed for lash extensions. Tweezers play a crucial role in precise lash placement and manipulation, so having a reliable pair is essential.
  • Glue
    Choose a lash adhesive suitable for beginners with a moderate drying time. This will give you enough time to adjust lash placement while ensuring a secure bond.
  • Eye Pads and Tape
    Stock up on eye pads to protect your clients' lower lashes during the application process. Lash tapes are also helpful for isolating and securing lashes.

Or instead of getting overwhelmed right when you start, get a starter lash extension kit with everything necessary already included. Look for a kit that has high-quality lashes, beginner-suitable speed adhesives, tweezers, eye pads, and other essential tools needed for lash applications.

Eyelash extensions kits FAQ

Can I teach myself to do lash extensions?

Teaching yourself to do lash extensions is possible, but it’s not the best idea. It is highly recommended to seek professional training to learn how to apply lash extensions confidently and safely. Proper training provides structured education, hands-on practice, and industry knowledge that equips you with the skills needed to deliver exceptional results.

The best place to start is to find a very good instructor where you can master the basics. Later you can practice and learn more by yourself. Enrolling in a professional lash extension course offers comprehensive training and guidance for a successful lash career.

Is starting a lash business worth it?

Starting a lash business can be a rewarding venture for anyone passionate about lash artistry and the beauty industry. It offers creative expression, flexibility, and profit potential with a high demand for lash services. Success depends on skill development, time commitment, and client retention.

Yet, with dedication, continuous improvement, and exceptional service, a successful lash business can be financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Ultimately, it's worth considering if you have a genuine passion for lash artistry and are willing to invest in building a strong brand and loyal clientele.

What’s an individual eyelash extension kit?

An individual eyelash extension kit is a comprehensive package designed specifically for lash technicians to create stunning and personalized lash looks. Unlike premade or cluster lashes, individual eyelash extensions are single, fine lashes that are applied one by one to the client's natural lashes, providing a natural and seamless appearance.

With an individual eyelash extensions kit, lash technicians have the flexibility to customize each lash set, tailoring it to suit the client's unique features and desired style. The application of individual lashes requires precision and skill, making the kit suitable for intermediate to advanced lash technicians.

Should I use an eyelash extension kit with a mannequin?

Using an eyelash extension kit with mannequin is beneficial for lash technicians, especially beginners. It allows focused skill development, practice, and creative experimentation. Without the pressure of working on a live client, you can concentrate solely on perfecting your lash application technique. This allows you to take the time needed to refine your skills and gain the precision required for seamless lash extensions.

But keep in mind, while mannequin practice is cost-effective and boosts confidence, it should complement, not replace, working on live models. Combining both approaches ensures you become a skilled and well-rounded lash technician.

What is the difference between premade and pro-made fans?

In the past, there was a clear distinction between pre-made and pro-made lash fans, but nowadays, these terms have become virtually synonymous, as they both refer to the same product. While there may have been a time when these terms carried different meanings, the lash industry has evolved to encompass both concepts under the umbrella of "previously made" lash fans.

As the lash extension landscape has evolved, the lines between pre-made and pro-made have blurred, leading to a blend of terminology. Today, lash enthusiasts and professionals commonly use both terms to describe lash fans that have been expertly crafted in advance.

Our special starter kits bring out the best in everyone

Just starting out as a lash artist? Or perhaps you’re an expert passing on your knowledge to others? Whichever stage you’re at, learning progresses faster with top-quality products. Our starter kits are so comprehensive that even complete beginners are guaranteed a better end result.

Our special starter kits are the perfect choice for lash techs and students alike. They offer premium quality and versatility, ensuring exceptional results for any lash style you desire. From classic to volume looks, our kits cater to all skill levels, making them suitable for beginners and experienced professionals.

These sets are packed with our most loved lash products, used every day by industry leaders. There are different versions to suit everyone’s unique ability and needs. Starry starter kits are designed to enable talented new lash artists to start working independently, as soon as they’ve completed their training.

As with all Starry products, our kits are tested according to European Union requirements for cosmetics. Each one contains everything needed at each stage of the application process: preparation of the eyelashes; application of the eyelash extensions; and finally removal of the extensions.

These kits focus on the classic C curvature – it’s the easiest to apply and gives a natural result very popular with clients. We’ve also included the CC-curl, along with a few other options to give new students an understanding of different effects.

We’ve selected the most appropriate glues for beginners, who necessarily work at a slower pace. With our custom-blend adhesives, even the most nervous student has ample time to accurately apply the extensions. Well-made glue also ensures a high level of durability.

To support new lash artists, we always offer the best possible price. Every Starry starter kit comes with a 10% discount coupon, to make investing in quality products more affordable.


We are committed to your success and offer ongoing support and guidance. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions, offer tips, and provide advice on lash application techniques. Whether you need an eyelash extension kit for beginners, a lash extension training kit, or an eyelash extension kit professional- Starry Lashes has something for everyone!

For clients who need products and tools for their lash classes often, we are ready to make you a personal offer and deal. Explore different lash styles, lengths, and curls to customize lash sets that suit your clients' preferences. Our kits are designed to satisfy the technician for convenient and high-quality tools, as well as the client with long-lasting eyelash extensions.

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