Starter kit SUPERSTAR

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Want to give yourself the best possible start?

Superstar is our most exclusive starter kit. Basically, it’s what industry leading lash artists wish they’d begun with. It contains all of our most popular products for 1:1 classic and volume looks, including the most stylish versions. Best of all, you’ll have everything you need for up to 150 customers.

Purchased separate, the products total €346.80, so you save a huge €87.80. As an added bonus, shipping for this huge kit is free.


Superstar starter kit contains well-made tools for each stage of application and removal:

  • Classic and volume eyelash extensions
  • Huge selection of tools
  • Special eyelash cleanser and pre-care products
  • MAGIC lash extension glue
  • Three pairs of Light Gold series tweezers
  • Two different tapes
  • Gel pads
  • Removal tools
  • Brushes and other aids
  • 10% discount voucher

How everything works

For classic techniques, you’ll receive six boxes of our bestselling 0.15 mm thickness lash extensions, plus an extra 0.12 mm thick lash box to expand the range. With these lashes, the end result remains light and natural, whether you use the subtle C curvature or opt for the fashion-forward CC option.

For volume looks, there are eight boxes of our most popular 0.07 mm. Again, the curvatures are traditional C and curvier CC.

Superstar also includes our secret-formula eyelash foam to thoroughly client the client's eyelashes. Pre-care products ensure easy adhesion of the extensions.

The trio of tweezers are part of our Light Gold series. As well as looking sleek and high-end, they’re coated in long-lasting plasma for enhanced durability. The first pair are for separating the client's natural lashes; the second for applying classic lash extensions; and the third for volume looks.

The MAGIC glue is especially suitable for beginners thanks to its drying time. It is highly versatile and works well with both classic and volume lashes.

We’ve selected two different tapes and gel pads to cover the lower lashes. Most lash artists develop a preference as they gain experience. We advise that beginners try all three ways so they can discover the approach that suits them best.

In addition, the kit includes a helpful fan for drying everything and tools for removing eyelash extensions (including brushes).

Superstar comes in an exclusive Starry cosmetic bag. The strap makes it easier to carry. It is durable, so can be used to store lash products for years to come.

The kit includes 33 items:

1. Beautician Cosmetic Bag

2. CLASSIC lashes C 0.15x7mm

3. CLASSIC lashes C 0.15x8mm

4. CLASSIC lashes C 0.15x9mm

5. CLASSIC lashes C 0.15x10mm

6. CLASSIC lashes C 0.15x11mm

7. CLASSIC lashes CC 0.15 mm MIX 7-14mm

8. CLASSIC lashes C 0.12 mm MIX 7-14mm

9. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x7mm

10. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x8mm

11. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x9mm

12. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x10mm

13. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x11mm

14. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x12mm

15. CLASSIC lashes C 0.07x13mm

16. CLASSIC lashes CC 0.07 mm MIX 7-14mm

17. Eyelash Extension Glue MAGIC 5ml

18. Lash Shampoo 50ml

19. Pre-treatment 50ml

20. Gel Remover 15ml

21. Light Gold tweezers G-01

22. Light Gold tweezers G-03

23. Light Gold volume tweezers V2G

24. Eyelash brush, dark purple 10pcs

25. Silicone eyelash brush, white 10pcs

26. Microbrushes, 100pcs

27. Mini Fan

28. Mini Scissors

29. Glass glue / lash plate, 2pcs

30. Mini gel patches 2 pairs, 10pcs

31. 3M Micropore paper tape, 12mm

32. 3M Microfoam tape, 25mm x 5m

33. Starry 10% discount coupon 


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