Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions and CLASSIC series lashes

Classic eyelash extensions, known for their timeless appeal, have carved a niche in the world of beauty. From the precision of application to the versatility in styles, classic set lashes continue to be a preferred choice for those seeking a refined and elegant aesthetic. Lash artists undergo extensive training to master the techniques and nuances of classic lash application, including considerations for different eye shapes and lash health. This commitment to skill ensures that clients receive not only a visually appealing result but also one that is comfortable and long-lasting.

The CLASSIC Series lash extensions from Starry Lashes stand out as our most popular product line. Designed to exceed the expectations of leading lash artists, our carefully selected tape allows for easy lash removal or fan creation on-strip. Each lash line comes equipped with convenient indicators for length, thickness, and curl, making the whole process easier.

Crafted from high-quality synthetic material, Starry CLASSIC-series lashes showcase a soft texture, deep black color, and semi-glossy finish, offering richness to every set. The semi-glossy lash surface not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also ensures optimal grip with lash glue for prolonged retention.

What are classic eyelash extensions?

Natural classic lash extensions, also known as the 1:1 eyelash extensions, showcase a method to elevate the length, curl, and thickness of natural lashes. They have become synonymous with a sophisticated and timeless look. This technique involves attaching a singular extension fiber to each individual natural lash, resulting in a carefully crafted lash line that highlights natural beauty. The versatility of classic extensions is wide, as they come in various lengths, curls, and thicknesses, designed to accommodate different eye shapes and cater to individual preferences.

Advantages of classic eyelash extensions

Exploring the different benefits - classic lash extensions have many. The advantages of opting for classic lashes extend far beyond mere aesthetics. For a subtle improvement of natural beauty, the classic lash set stands out as an ideal choice, offering a look that is both refined and effective. Ease of maintenance and remarkable longevity further underscore the advantages of classic set eyelash extensions. Compared to many other styles, full-set classic lashes are notably easier to maintain, providing a hassle-free yet impactful improvement to the advantages.

Classic eyelash extensions thickness and curls differences

A notable benefit of a full set of classic natural lash extensions lies in the variety of thicknesses and curls available. Thickness options range from a natural 0.10mm to a dramatic 0.20mm, allowing clients to achieve their desired level of volume. Similarly, different curls, such as B, C, CC, L, M, and D curls, offer diverse styling options, enabling lash artists to create looks ranging from subtle to boldly captivating.

This wide range of choices ensures that classic eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The lash artist can tailor the extensions to suit the client's eye shape, facial features, and personal preferences.

Classic eyelash extensionsClassic eyelash extensions

Which lash thickness and curl to choose?

  • The 0.10mm is your go-to for very delicate classic 1:1 extensions.
  • 0.12mm lashes are ideal for creating delicate 1:1 classic lash extensions. This lash thickness suits clients with delicate natural eyelashes since the 0.12mm lashes are thin and light.
  • Almost indistinguishable from a good mascara, 0.15mm is the most popular option for classic 1:1 extensions. Using this thickness, the end result is natural-looking, very similar to the mascara effect, which is what many clients want.
  • Designed for clients with strong natural lashes, our 0.18mm will create high-impact, ultra-intense looks.
  • Our 0.20mm is made for clients with very strong natural lashes. It will create a very rich, intense look. Be aware the 0.20mm may be too heavy for some natural lashes (thinner options are available).

Different curls to choose from

  • B-curl has a low curl compared to other eyelash extension curls. It's more suitable for a client with straight eyelashes to create a natural look. B-curl is also used in the inner corners of the eyes, where natural eyelashes are more delicate and straighter.
  • C-curl is the most natural-looking curl. A good option for clients with straight-type lashes and for creating natural-looking lashes. C-curl can also be used in the inner corners where natural lashes are smaller.
  • Our CC-curl will give your clients a fashion-forward look. Compared to the C-curl, it has a little extra curve. Suitable for clients with different types of natural lashes. Build a wide range of styles, including Natural, Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye.
  • D-curl is your go-to for creating full-on drama. The D-curl is our curliest extension material beside specialty lash curls. It is hugely popular with many lash artists and is the optimum choice for Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye styles. It is also especially suitable for clients with curved natural eyelashes or hooded eyes.

L and M curl for a unique look

The L-curl’s secret weapon is its sharp-angled curve. It opens up the eye and visibly lifts the lids. Use shorter lengths (up to 11...12mm) for a clean result.

Our M-curl is loved for its sharp angle and round tip. It widens the eyes and lifts the lids, making it the go-to product for Cat Eye, Squirrel Eye and Liner effects. Compared to the L-curl, the curl angle is smoother and it is most similar to the D-curl.

We recommend using narrower fans for M-curl. For a client with downward eyelash growth, M-curl should be avoided.

What is the retention of classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelashes typically have an average retention rate of 3-4 weeks when properly applied and cared for. Regular maintenance sessions, such as fillings every 2-3 weeks, play a crucial role in sustaining the fullness of the lash set. With correct application and adherence to aftercare instructions, classic lashes will last longer and look beautiful the entire time.

How to apply classic lashes?

The application of classic lashes demands precision and skill from a certified lash artist. The process involves delicately isolating each natural lash with fine tweezers and attaching a single extension to it. The lash artist factors in considerations such as the client's eye shape, desired look, and the health of natural lashes during application. This careful process guarantees a seamless integration of the classic eyelash set, creating a look that is natural yet distinctly effective.

Classic lashes aftercare

Proper aftercare is pivotal for maintaining the longevity and appearance of classic lashes. Clients are advised to steer clear of oil-based products, refrain from rubbing or pulling on the lashes, and schedule regular maintenance sessions. Additionally, utilizing a lash sealer or coating can improve the durability of the extensions, providing protection against environmental factors.

Another important aftercare part is cleaning the lash extensions with Starry Lash Shampoo is specially formulated for eyelash extension wearers. Rich and soft foam removes excess oil, dust, and make-up residue from eyelashes, without affecting eyelash extensions. Daily use prevents bacteria, mites, eye irritation, and eye diseases.

Difference between volume, hybrid, and classic lash extensions

Looking closer at the nuances of lash extensions, a fundamental understanding of the differences between hybrid, classic, and volume lashes opens up a world of options for personalized beauty. Classic lashes, with their precise attachment of one extension to a single natural lash, create a look that is timeless and refined. On the other hand, volume lashes offer a more effective look by delicately forming a fan of multiple lightweight extensions that will be attached to one natural lash.

Hybrid lashes, with their distinctive charm, blend the best of both worlds - marrying classic and volume techniques. That is the main difference between classic and hybrid lashes. This synthesis results in a middle ground, offering flexibility for those with diverse aesthetic preferences. Understanding these nuances becomes a guiding tool, helping to decide on a style that resonates with the client’s unique vision. Whether they want volume or classic hybrid lash extensions, having options is always helpful.

Before and After Classic Lash ExtensionsBefore and After Classic Lash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions for different styles

Classic eyelash extension styles haave options for customization to achieve personalized results. There is something for every expectation. For a natural look - shorter and lighter extensions are applied, enhancing the eyes without appearing overly dramatic. To achieve a wispy effect, lash artists strategically mix longer and shorter extensions with varying curls. Classic lashes can also be applied to create an intense and bold appearance.

Classic eyelash extensions for a natural look

For those desiring a natural look, classic-style eyelash extensions are the perfect choice. The extensions seamlessly blend with natural lashes, adding length and subtle volume. The before and after classic eyelash extensions in comparison are definitely noticeable. This style is suitable for everyday wear, offering a polished appearance without being overly glamorous.

Wispy lashes with classic eyelash extensions

To achieve wispy classic eyelash extensions, lash artists strategically blend longer and shorter extensions with varying curls. This technique creates a textured and feathery appearance, giving the lashes a light and airy quality. The result is a subtle yet captivating look that enhances the eyes. This process involves a good understanding of the client's eye shape, preferences, and desired outcome.

The lash artist selects extensions based on these considerations, ensuring a customized integration with the natural lashes. Varied lengths and curls contribute to a nuanced effect, allowing for a personalized wispy look that aligns with the client's vision.

Classic lashes for intense look

Classic eyelash extensions can also be used to create a bold and intense look. By selecting longer and thicker extensions, lash artists can achieve a dramatic effect that draws attention to the eyes. This style is ideal for special occasions or for individuals who prefer a more glamorous appearance. To attain the perfect balance between intensity and sophistication, lash artists carefully assess the client's facial features and eye shape.

This personalized approach ensures that the longer and thicker extensions are applied strategically, highlighting the overall aesthetics, without overwhelming the natural beauty of the eyes.

Create a unique look with classic eyelash extensions

The versatility of classic natural eyelash extensions opens the door to endless possibilities for creating a unique look. Lash artists can customize the length, thickness, and curl to match the client's style and preferences. Whether aiming for a natural, wispy, or intense look, classic lashes provide all the options. A skilled lash artist will figure out their client’s desires and have a clear understanding of which style to go for with eyelash extensions.

Choose our classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions offer a timeless and elegant solution for those seeking to enhance the beauty of their eyes. From natural to bold styles, the versatility of classic lashes, when applied by a skilled artist, allows clients to express their individuality. As trends evolve, classic eyelash extensions continue to hold their place as a customizable choice in the world of lash beauty.

When you start looking into classic eyelash extensions, the choice of a reputable supplier becomes a pivotal decision that can significantly influence the outcome of your work. Starry Lashes' classic lash extensions stand out for their high-quality materials, ensuring a seamless and durable application. With various thicknesses, curls, and lengths to choose from, our classic extensions provide the flexibility needed to achieve the desired look. Choose Starry Lashes!

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