Partnerships & Collaborations

Here we celebrate the valuable relationships we have built in the lash extension industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation has allowed us to establish strong partnerships, enabling us to enhance the experiences of our customers worldwide.

Some of Our Current Partners

We have 50+ partners all over the world with whom we make the lash extension industry better every day. Here are some of them:

Liis i’Lashes & i’Brows. Liis is a lash artist specializing in customized natural look and weightless lash extension styles in the USA.

Lami Lashes. Lash & Brow Professional Cosmetics and Home Care. We retail their Lami glue balm products.

RefectoCil. Professional Brow & Lash Styling Products.

Opportunities for Partnership

1. Social Media Content Creation

  • Add us as a collaborator when posting a reel or regular post.
    A collaboration post will be shown on both yours and our account that helps to increase its reach. This can help us both grow on Instagram. It can be a post/reel with our products; your work process; educational content; before & after; funny / relatable for lash artists content; etc. NB! We post only content that conveys our brand values, so we are selective in this kind of cooperation. If you’re interested, please contact us via email or DM us on Instagram before posting.
  • Tag us on your stories and posts.
    We are always happy to reshare your stories and posts to our stories to support you. However, due to a big number of everyday tags we have to be selective not to post too much, so don’t worry if we haven’t reshared some of your content, maybe next time we will. If your content is inspirational or promotional, we will also add it to our highlights.
  • Use hashtag #starrylashes in your posts.
    As we want to support lash artists and the overall lash extension industry, we build a community, where everyone can easily find other lash artists to get inspiration from each other or just find new friends with whom you can discuss work, problems or just share experience or something funny.

 2. Website Linking

You can make your website rank higher in web search results. Just add link to your website and we will add yours. This will also increase trust towards your business as clients are more likely to book a treatment knowing you are using safe and approved cosmetic products from a reliable brand. 

This type of collaboration is suitable for both artists and salons that have a website. If you are interested, please contact us via email for more info.

 3. Special Deals for Lash Trainers

Are you an eyelash extensions trainer? We are happy to support you with our brand! Contact us via email to receive exclusive offers or customized packages of starter kits, perfect for your lash extension courses.

4. Wholesale & Bulk Purchases

We keep our product prices affordable. So there is not much room for wholesale discounts. Our strategy is to serve all the customers around the world directly offering lower prices and 1-2 days Express shipping.  

If you are planning a bigger order:

  • Check our wholesale offers.
  • Express shipping for orders over 150€ is always free.
  • Orders over 500 euros (without VAT) get extra 5% discount automatically.
  • Keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our offers and exciting news! 

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Support for Your Business
    Clients are more likely to book a treatment knowing you are using safe and approved cosmetic products from a reliable brand. 

  • Training & Education
    Special offers for training and courses, ensuring your students are using only high-quality eyelash extension products.

  • Dedicated partner
    Enjoy personalized support from our marketing team to assist you in maximizing the partnership benefits.

  • Special Offers & Discounts
    Get discount or gift cards for your time and effort invested in our collaboration.

Let’s work together

Whether you are a salon owner, lash artist, influencer or entrepreneur, feel free to offer any other ideas of collaboration. We are open to discussions. :)

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