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Premade fans are a fast introduction to volume lash artistry

Premade fans give you the quickest access to the volume lashes world, as the lashes are very easy to pick up and apply. The kit has been designed by industry-leading trainers who have packed it with their must-have essentials.

Purchased separately, the products total €129.00, meaning you save a fantastic €29.40


Premade starter kit contains well-made tools for each stage of application and removal:

  • Premade volume fans
  • Special eyelash cleanser and pre-care products
  • High-quality glue
  • Three pairs of tweezers
  • Two different tapes
  • Gel pads
  • Removal tools
  • Brushes and other aids
  • 10% discount voucher

How everything works in the starting kit

You’ll receive three boxes of 4D lashes, containing volume fans made from four 0.05 mm or 0.07 mm lash extensions. These fans are connected at the lower end with a thin layer of glue. We’ve selected subtle C and fashion-forward CC-curls to give beginners a choice of curvatures.

They come in elegant 16-line MIX boxes, containing lengths from 7-14mm.

Premade kit includes our specialist eyelash foam to completely clean the client’s natural lashes, plus pre-care products to enhance adhesion.

We’ve included the best glue for premade lashes, selected with beginners in mind. It dries steadily, allowing enough time to apply the lashes whilst ensuring well-paced progress.

The trio of specialist tweezer are used at different stages of the application process. The first pair separates the customer's natural lashes, and the other two are for applying volume fans. Each lash technician develops a tweezer preference, so it’s a good idea to experiment.

Most lash artists develop a preference for covering the lower lashes. We’ve included two different tapes, and also gel pads, to give a choice of options. We recommend beginners try all three to ensure a good knowledge base.

Premade starter kit comes in an exclusive Starry gift bag.

The kit includes 22 items:

1. 4D Premade Fans C 0.07 MIX 7-14mm

2. 4D Premade Fans CC 0.07 MIX 7-14mm

3. 4D Premade Fans CC 0.05 MIX 7-14mm

4. Eyelash Extension Glue MAGIC 5ml

5. Pre-treatment 50ml

6. Lash Shampoo 50ml

7. Microbrushes, 100 pcs

8. Lash tweezers S-01, straight

9. Lash tweezers S-03, s-type

10. Volume lash tweezers V1-45 Japan

11. Eyelash dryer pump, pink

12. Glass glue and lash plate

13. Gel remover 15ml

14. Eyelash brush, pink 10pcs

15. Microfiber applicators, pink 10pcs

16. Mini scissors

17. Mini Gel Patches 2pcs 

18. 3M Microfoam tape, 25mm x 5m

19. 3M Micropore paper tape 12mm

20. Eyelash Cleansing Brush

21. Starry 10% discount coupon

22. Packaged in a beautiful reusable Starry gift bag.


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