Eyelash Extension Glue NO CHILL


VERY fast eyelash glue for volume extensions and pre-made fans

NO CHILL eyelash glue dries in 0.5 seconds and is only suitable for very fast and experienced lash artists. The glue bonds to natural lashes instantly and leaves no room for adjustments.

In terms of composition, the eyelash glue is very liquid and has a strong black pigment. Glue fumes are medium-strong. The glue has very good retention and is also suitable for customers with oily skin.

NO CHILL eyelash glue remains fresh for a long time on the glue plate during work and works well in different conditions. The ideal working room humidity is 50-70% and the temperature 18-25°C. In other conditions, the drying time is somewhat faster or slower.

Storing the eyelash glue

The eyelash glue comes in a foil package that protects against humidity, temperature changes and direct sunlight. We recommend storing the glue in the foil package after opening it for the first time. Unopened glue can be stored in a cool place and protected from the sun for up to 6 months. After opening, it is recommended to use within 1 month.

For professional use only

NO CHILL Eyelash Extension Glue is for use by trained eyelash artists only. Regarding the safety of the product, a safety assessment of the cosmetic product has been prepared by a qualified specialist. During the safety assessment, the product has been assessed as safe when used according to the instructions for use and in accordance with the Cosmetic Products Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 1223/2009, November 30, 2009. The product is registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal CPNP with reference number 4198094.


Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black.

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