Gel patches and Tape

Gel patches and Tape

Eyelash extension gel patches

Eyelash extension gel patches are used to protect the lower lashes and skin around the eye during the eyelash extension procedure. The patches are made with a soft, flexible textile material that conforms to the contours of the face, and are infused with nourishing ingredients.

We have two different type of gel patches. The Premium gel patches are the most classical type of patches and suitable for majority of the customers. Mini gel patches are smaller in size to fit perfectly for clients with high cheekbones or deep-set eyes.

Tape for lashing

Lash tape is used to protect the lower lashes from the adhesive and other products used to apply the extensions. The tape is placed over the lower lashes, creating a barrier that helps to prevent the lashes from getting stuck together or damaged.

Our selection of 3M lash tapes are the most popular medical tapes used with eyelash extensions. The 3M brand is most used and loved by lash professionals. The tapes are strong, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

Please use only medical grade tapes for lashing

The skin under the eye is very sensitive and can be easily damaged. Also, the non-medical tapes may release fumes that irritate the eye and make it harder to do eyelash extensions.

Popular tape for eyelash extensions

1) 3M Micropore paper tape

2) NICHIBAN Skinergate Tape

3) 3M Microfoam tape

4) 3M Micropore S (Kind Removal) silicone tape

5) 3M Transpore plastic tape

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