Dark brown 4D Fans C 0.07 MIX 6-13mm


Dark brown 4D premade fans

Brown colored eyelash extensions blend smoothly with natural lashes, adding depth and creating a harmonious effect. Dark brown lashes offer a more defined contrast, providing a subtle yet noticeable enhancement to your eyes. Brown lash extensions can also effortlessly transition from a casual day-to-day appearance to a dazzling and sophisticated look for special occasions.

The 4D premade fan is our most popular option for premade lashes. Four individual lashes are attached with a micro amount of glue to each fan. One lash tray contains 384 beautiful premade fans – enough for at least two new sets of volume lashes.  

Our most popular option for volume lashes, the 0.07mm thickness is your #1 option for creating natural-looking extensions. Velvet-rich and extra-fluffy, our 4D 0.07mm brings a lightness to volume lashes. The C-curl is Starry’s most natural-looking option and is ideal for creating more delicate looks. Choose this for clients with straight-type natural lashes.  

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