CLASSIC series lashes

CLASSIC series lashes


Our most popular choice

CLASSIC series lash extensions are our most popular product range. With a great price and good features, the lash tray has been a favorite of many experienced technicians for over 10 years. We have sold thousands of boxes of Classic series lashes to eyelash artists all over the world.

Exceeds the expectations of leading lash artists

Our carefully selected tape makes it easy to remove lashes from the strip or make fans comfortably on-strip. The convenient length, thickness and curl indicators on each lash line give you a speedy, hassle-free lash creation process.

Classic series lash extensions

High-quality lash extensions

Starry CLASSIC series lashes are made of high-quality synthetic material. The soft texture, deep black color and semi-glossy finish add richness. Our semi-glossy lash surface grips easily with the lash glue and ensures longer lash retention. Create over-the-top, elegant, or natural-looking lashes with our Classic series lashes.

One row of lashes from the CLASSIC series lashes

Environmentally friendly lash tray

Classic series lashes are in a paper tray with a thin plastic window. This way you can see the contents of the lash box. Separate the window from the paper box for environmentally friendly disposal.

Environmentally friendly lash tray

Classic vs Premium series lashes

Classic series lashes differ from Premium series lashes with innovative semi-gloss material and natural-looking tone. The tape under Classic lashes has slightly lighter adhesion, which suits better for the vast majority of lash artists.

Which lash thickness to choose?

  • 0.03mm is the thinnest material for eyelash extensions. 0.03 lashes are used for creating 3D-13D volume lashes. The lashes themselves feel almost weightless and are often used to create megavolume lashes with up to 13D fans. For a delicate effect, use fewer lash extensions in a volume fan (3D-5D).
  • Designing 3D-10D volume lash looks? Our 0.05mm is ultra-thin and easy to wear. The individual lashes feel light, making it easy to build intense volume with large fans (up to 10D). For a more delicate effect, use fewer extensions in a volume fan (3D-5D).
  • Looking for a popular, tried-and-tested option? Our 0.06mm is widely used by professionals for an elegant and natural effect with 2D-6D volume fans.
  • There’s a reason the 0.07mm is the most popular choice for volume lashes. You can create ultra-natural effects with smaller fans, or amplify the drama with larger fans. Sometimes also used for ultra-light classical 1:1 lash extensions.
  • 0.085mm is used to create volume lashes with smaller fans (2D-4D). Smaller fans also create a more natural look. It’s also the optimum choice for understated 1:1 classic extensions.
  • The 0.10mm is your go-to for very delicate classic 1:1 extensions and 2D-3D volume lashes.
  • 0.12mm lashes are ideal for creating delicate 1:1 classic lash extensions. This lash thickness suits clients with delicate natural eyelashes since the 0.12mm lashes are thin and light.
  • Almost indistinguishable from a good mascara, 0.15mm is the most popular option for classic 1:1 extensions. Using this thickness, the end result is natural-looking, very similar to the mascara effect, which is what many clients want.
  • Designed for clients with strong natural lashes, our 0.18mm will create high-impact, ultra-intense looks.
  • Our 0.20mm is made for clients with very strong natural lashes. It will create a very rich, intense look. Be aware the 0.20mm may be too heavy for some natural lashes (thinner options are available).

Different curls to choose from

  • B-curl has a low curl compared to other eyelash extension curls. It's more suitable for a client with straight eyelashes to create a natural look. B-curl is also used in the inner corners of the eyes, where natural eyelashes are more delicate and straighter.
  • C-curl is the most natural-looking curl. A good option for clients with straight-type lashes and for creating natural-looking lashes. C-curl can also be used in the inner corners where natural lashes are smaller.
  • Our CC-curl will give your clients a fashion-forward look. Compared to the C-curl, it has a little extra curve. Suitable for clients with different types of natural lashes. Build a wide range of styles, including Natural, Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye.
  • D-curl is your go-to for creating full-on drama. The D-curl is our curliest extension material beside specialty lash curls. It is hugely popular with many lash artists and is the optimum choice for Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye styles. It is also especially suitable for clients with curved natural eyelashes or hooded eyes.

L and M curl for a unique look 

The L-curl’s secret weapon is its sharp-angled curve. It opens up the eye and visibly lifts the lids. Use shorter lengths (up to 11...12mm) for a clean result.

Our M-curl is loved for its sharp angle and round tip. It widens the eyes and lifts the lids, making it the go-to product for Cat Eye, Squirrel Eye and Liner effects. Compared to the L-curl, the curl angle is smoother and it is most similar to the D-curl.

We recommend using narrower fans for M-curl. For a client with downward eyelash growth, M-curl should be avoided.

Different lash extension curls to choose from

Create unique looks

Make your clients shine with looks ranging from natural elegance to sumptuous richness.

Create unique lash extensions

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