PREMIUM series lashes

PREMIUM series lashes


Flawless material

PREMIUM series lashes are made from the best synthetic material available. As a result of thorough quality control, only impeccable material makes it to the lash tray.

The eyelash extensions have a naturally shiny deep black shade and a soft texture. A great choice for creating a rich yet natural look.

Great lash strip

Rich, deep colour and natural glow draw attention to the lash line. Our eyelash extensions glue grips hard with this material, providing longer lash retention. And thanks to the convenient length, thickness and curl indicators on each lash strip, you’ll get a fluent lashing process.

Effortless fanning

Fanning on the strip is effortless thanks to the slightly stronger tape under the extensions. Removing lashes from the strip is super smooth too. A carefully selected tape under the eyelash works very well with all common volume extension techniques. The slightly stronger tape under the lashes makes fanning on the eyelash strip easy and smooth.

Premium vs Classic series lashes

Compared to our Classic series lashes, the Premium series has a touch more shine and a stronger tape under the lashes.

Thoughtful design

Our 16-line lash trays come in a distinctive paper sleeve to protect your order during shipping.

Elegantly thin 0.06 or popular 0.07 thickness

The 0.06 mm eyelashes are light and stylish. This thickness is mainly used for 2D-6D volume fans.

0.07 mm is the most commonly used eyelash extension thickness. With 0.07 thickness, smaller 2D-5D fans are usually created.

C, CC, D and M-curl lashes

The C-curl is a classic of eyelash extensions. It’s the best option for clients with straight natural lashes and is perfect for creating natural-looking eyelash extensions. The C-curl is also used in the inner corners of the eyes, where natural eyelashes are small and straight.

The CC-curl is slightly more curved than the C and straighter than the D-curl. It is widely used for different looks, such as Natural, Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye styles.

D-curl is the curliest eyelash extension material. It is very popular and widely used to create a more impressive look. It’s perfect for creating Cat Eye, Fox Eye and Doll Eye styles. D-curl is great for customers with curved natural eyelashes or deep-set eyes.

One step up from the D-curl, the M-curl is truly unique. Its sharp angle lifts the eyelids, giving an instant open-eye effect. Add extra drama to cat eye and squirrel eye looks, or create a liner effect.

Create the perfect look

Make your clients smile with elegantly understated or glamorously dark eyelash extension looks.

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