Premade volume fans

Premade volume fans


Premade fans are the handwork of masters

Feedback from experienced lash artists has helped us create the best version of premade fans. The fans stay together well and come off the lash strip very smoothly. This way the lashtray can be fully used and there is minimum waste.


Premade eyelash extension fans are handmade by the most experienced masters. Single lashes are joint into a volume fan and stuck to each other from the lower end with a thin layer of glue.



3D, 4D and 6D lash fans

Depending on the desired result, fans with 3, 4 or 6 eyelashes are used. With 3D and 4D fans, the result is lighter and airier. The work done with 6D fans is darker and creates a more dramatic look.


3D premade fans with three individual eyelashes are great for creating a light and natural look. One lash tray contains 416 beautiful 3D fans and is enough for at least two sets of volume lashes.


4D premade fans with four eyelashes are the most popular type of premade lashes. One lash tray contains 384 beautiful 4D premade fans – enough for at least two new sets of volume lashes.


6D premade fans with six eyelashes are perfect for creating a very dark and dense look. One lash tray contains 320 beautiful 6D premade fans and is enough for at least two new sets of volume lashes.


Lash thickness

0.05mm thickness is an ultra-thin eyelash extension material. Premade fans made with these lashes feel airy and weightless.


0.07mm thickness is the most popular eyelash extensions material. Premade fans made with these are typically dark for volume lashes.



Easy application

Grab the premade fan with tweezers and carefully remove it from the lash strip. Dip the tip of the fan into a drop of glue. Place the fan covered with a sufficient amount of glue on the client's eyelash. One premade fan is enough for one natural eyelash.


Save time with premade fans

Premade volume fans allow you to save time, schedule more customers, or take a longer break between treatments.


Premade fans are also a great option for eyelash technicians who have only done classic 1:1 eyelash extensions so far.

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