Eyelash extension kits

Eyelash extension kits


Our special starter kits bring out the best in everyone

Just starting out as a lash artist? Or perhaps you’re an expert passing on your knowledge to others? Whichever stage you’re at, learning progresses faster with top-quality products. Our starter kits are so comprehensive that even complete beginners are guaranteed a better end result.


These sets are packed with our most loved lash products, used every day by industry leaders. There are different versions to suit everyone’s unique ability and needs. Starry starter kits are designed to enable talented new lash artists to start working independently, as soon as they’ve completed their training.


As with all Starry products, our kits are tested according to European Union requirements for cosmetics. Each one contains everything needed at each stage of the application process: preparation of the eyelashes; application of the eyelash extensions; and finally removal of the extensions.


These kits focus on the classic C curvature – it’s the easiest to apply and gives a natural result very popular with clients. We’ve also included the CC-curl, along with a few other options to give new students an understanding of different effects.


We’ve selected the most appropriate glues for beginners, who necessarily work at a slower pace. With our custom-blend adhesives, even the most nervous student has ample time to accurately apply the extensions. Well-made glue also ensures a high level of durability.


To support new practitioners, we always offer the best possible price. Every Starry starter kit comes with a 10% discount coupon, to make investing in quality products more affordable.


Which kit should I choose?

In most cases, training begins with the technique of classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. Rising Star has everything needed for this. If the training also involves volume lashes, then the Twin Star set is the best choice. With both kits, new artists will have all they need to apply lashes to their first clients.


Ambitious beginner? Our Superstar kit contains a huge range of products. Investing in this means that students can work for a long time without needing to buy more products.


In recent years, premade lashes have been gaining in popularity. Our Premade set is full of volume fan extensions, ready to apply to new clients.

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